Star Nomad Achievement List

Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter
50 Pirate Kills
Pirate Exterminator Pirate Exterminator
400 Pirate Kills
Infamous Pirate Infamous Pirate
50 Merchant Kills
MVP (Most Valuable Pirate) MVP (Most Valuable Pirate)
250 Merchant Kills
Pirate Warlord Pirate Warlord
200 Militia Kills
Yamada Ace Yamada Ace
100 Confed Kills
Confed Ace Confed Ace
100 Yamada Kills
Erica's Admiration Erica’s Admiration
Complete the Prelude
Kikyo's Heart Kikyo’s Heart
Victorious in the Final Battle
Hidden Achievement
Wealth is Power Wealth is Power
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