Star Horizon Achievement List

Captain Captain
Destroy at least 900 enemy ships
Colonel Colonel
Destroy at least 1500 enemy ships
Corporal Corporal
Destroy at least 200 enemy ships
Newbie Newbie
Complete the game on easy difficulty level
Legend Legend
Complete the game on Hard difficulty level
Champion Champion
Complete the game on normal difficulty level
Federate Federate
Decide your fate
One Man Army One Man Army
Destroy at least 2000 enemy ships
Final battle Final battle
Complete level 1
Battle is over Battle is over
Complete level 2
Lost in the space Lost in the space
Complete level 3
Complete level 4
Surprise surprise Surprise surprise
Complete level 5
Doubts Doubts
Complete level 6
7th Heaven 7th Heaven
Complete level 7
Point of no return Point of no return
Complete level 8
Almost there Almost there
Complete level 9
Space hero! Space hero!
Finish the game
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Destroy at least 600 enemy ships
Loyal Federate Loyal Federate
Decide your fate
Loyal Rebel Loyal Rebel
Decide your fate
Major Major
Destroy at least 1200 enemy ships
Promo sapiens Promo sapiens
Decide your fate
BFs 4 3V3R! BFs 4 3V3R!
Decide your fate
Trusting Trusting
Decide your fate
Shotgun! Shotgun!
Decide your fate
Rebel Rebel
Decide your fate
Sergeant Sergeant
Destroy at least 400 enemy ships
Weather cock Weather cock
Decide your fate