Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy Achievement List

Remnants Bane Remnants Bane
Destroy a Renmant in Campaign
Nautilids Bane Nautilids Bane
Destroy a Nautilid in Campaign
Missiles Away Missiles Away
Destroy an enemy with a missile
Stunning Success Stunning Success
Stun an enemy
Laser Focus Laser Focus
Destroy an enemy with a laser beam
Too Soon Too Soon
Recruit the comms officer
Above And Beyond Above And Beyond
Recruit the engineer
God and Science God and Science
Recruit the science officer
Broken Chain Broken Chain
Recruit the intelligence officer
Recursion, Formation, Purpose Recursion, Formation, Purpose
Protect Novus on your own terms
Fire and Truth Fire and Truth
Uncover the Remnant conspiracy
Yardsman's Call Answered Yardsman’s Call Answered
Protect the shipbuilding yards
Between the Squids and the People Between the Squids and the People
Evacuate civilians from the Boardwalk
Sinking Station Sinking Station
Evacuate workers from DM3
Squid Hunter Squid Hunter
Destroy 100 nautilids
Return 'Em to the Junkyard Return ‘Em to the Junkyard
Destroy 25 Remnant ships
The One-Two The One-Two
Kill a stunned enemy with the Destroyer’s laser
Preventative Measures Preventative Measures
Deploy 30 countermeasures
No Time For Orientation No Time For Orientation
Have a reinforcement join you in battle
Professional Babysitter Professional Babysitter
Don’t lose a single escort during the war
Commodore of the Fleet Commodore of the Fleet
Deploy a strike group with maximum Command Points
No More Training Wheel No More Training Wheel
Win a skirmish battle
Getting Along Getting Along
Keep your crew friendly