Star Crusade CCG Achievement List

Good Start Good Start
Win 3 games of any kind
Winner 10 Winner 10
Win 10 ranked games
Winner 50 Winner 50
Win 50 ranked games
Veteran Veteran
Win 200 ranked games
Elite Elite
Win 10 ranked games in a row
Honorable Torturer Honorable Torturer
100 Hajir-Gog Victories
Mysterious Deity Mysterious Deity
100 Annunaki Victories
Lifted Magistrate Lifted Magistrate
100 Shan’Ti Victories
Defender of Terra Defender of Terra
100 Terran Victories
Unquestioned Leader Unquestioned Leader
100 Consortium Victories
Venerable Master Venerable Master
100 Hierarchy Victories
Spend 100 minutes in play during 7 days
Spend 300 minutes in play during 7 days
Spend 500 minutes in play during 7 days
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Complete all daily missions in one day
Bounty Hunter II Bounty Hunter II
Complete 30 daily missions
Bounty Hunter III Bounty Hunter III
Complete 100 daily missions
Star Crusader Star Crusader
First Purchase
Loyalist of the Crusade Loyalist of the Crusade
Buy 500 Booster pack
Fusion Apprentice Fusion Apprentice
Create 1 card using Fusion
Fusion Journeyman Fusion Journeyman
Create 10 cards using Fusion
Fusion Master Fusion Master
Create 100 cards using Fusion
Squirrel Squirrel
Collect 10 non-basic cards
Aspiring Collector Aspiring Collector
Collect 30 non-basic cards
Collector Collector
Collect 35% of all cards available
Respectable Collector Respectable Collector
Collect 50% of all cards available
Great Completionist Great Completionist
Collect 80% of all cards available
Paragonist Paragonist
Collect 100% of all cards available