Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant Achievement List

Trader Trader
Scared little slaves
Explorer Explorer
Went through the anomaly
Hostility Everywhere Hostility Everywhere
Contacted trading station
Mysterious Acquaintance Mysterious Acquaintance
Met an Eldren Spy
Survivor Survivor
Survive your assassination
Data Thief Data Thief
Steal information from comms relay
Pirate Pirate
Destroyed a supply ship
Looking for Trouble Looking for Trouble
Shoot the Shadow Agent on first contact
Halfway There Halfway There
Reach sector 10
Giant Slayer Giant Slayer
Destroyed a Dreadnought
Impossible Impossible
Finish the game
Run, Jungle, RUN Run, Jungle, RUN
Boost Engines to 300
Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
Boost Shields to 300
Hastalavista Hastalavista
Boost Weapons to 300