Star Balls Achievement List

Tess LaCoil Tess LaCoil
Find and unlock Tess LaCoil bot
T.O.R.K. T.O.R.K.
Enable the awesome T.O.R.K. bot
Ten-Spot Ten-Spot
Make it to the Loading Dock
Explorer Explorer
Make it to the Observation Deck
Intrepid Intrepid
Make it to the Broken Pipes
Victory! Victory!
Complete all 35 Levels in the game
Extra Credit Extra Credit
Complete all 15 Bonus Levels
Five Secrets Five Secrets
5 Hidden Level-Unlock Keys Found
Ten Secrets Ten Secrets
Find 10 Hidden Level-Unlock Keys
Fifteen Secrets Fifteen Secrets
Find all 15 Hidden Level-Unlock Keys
Pauper Pauper
Score 20,000 Points
Orienteer Orienteer
Score 40,000 Points
Farmer Farmer
Score 80,000 Points
Merchant Merchant
Score 100,000 Points
Investor Investor
Score 200,000 Points
Banker Banker
Score 500,000 Points
Greed is Good Greed is Good
Score 1,000,000 Points
Plug It Plug It
Acquire First Plugin
Juiced Juiced
Acquire a Level-2 Plugin
Charged Up Charged Up
Acquire a Level-3 Plugin
Golden Golden
Receive first Gold Medal
Silver is not bad Silver is not bad
Receive first Silver Medal
Hole-in-One Hole-in-One
Make a Hole-in-One
Five Hole-in-Ones Five Hole-in-Ones
Make Five Hole-in-Ones
Physics Master Physics Master
Make Ten Hole-in-Ones
Physics Demi-God Physics Demi-God
Make Twenty Hole-in-Ones
Physics God Physics God
Make Thirty Hole-in-Ones
Race the Clock Race the Clock
Play first Time-Attack Mode
Get Stroked Get Stroked
Play first Strokes-Attack Mode
Wanderer Wanderer
Took 30 strokes to make it into the hole
Grandma May Be Playing Grandma May Be Playing
Took 50 strokes to make it into the hole
Hopeless Hopeless
Took 100 strokes to make it into the hole
Enjoying It Enjoying It
Play for 5 hours
Sticking To It Sticking To It
Play for 10 hours
A Day of Play A Day of Play
Play for 24 hours
Two Days Gone Two Days Gone
Play for 50 hours
Played for a Week Played for a Week
Play for 100 hours
Ten Days Lost Ten Days Lost
Play for 250 hours
Seriously, Take a Break Seriously, Take a Break
Play for 500 hours
Stowaway Stowaway
Stow away on a ship
Save Tess! Save Tess!
Make a friend
Saw It Coming Saw It Coming
Survive a Meteor Impact
Finish What You Started Finish What You Started
Survive a Shipwreck