Squirreltopia Achievement List

Acorn Addict Acorn Addict
Collect All 15 Acorns
Speed Squirrel Speed Squirrel
Win all 50 Time Trophies
Minigame Master Minigame Master
Get 10,000 points total between all minigames
 Cartridge Collector Cartridge Collector
Unlock All Minigames
Nature's Finest Nature’s Finest
Collect an acorn
Rags to Riches Rags to Riches
Collect all 50 Gems
Hero of the Forest Hero of the Forest
Defeat 1st boss and collect the forest key
Arctic Dragon Slayer Arctic Dragon Slayer
Defeat 2nd boss and collect the ice key
Desert Dust Victory Desert Dust Victory
Defeat 3rd boss and collect the desert key
UFO Smasher UFO Smasher
Defeat 4th boss and collect the alien key
Shadowtail Showdown Shadowtail Showdown
Defeat 5th boss and collect the factory key
Squirrelcide Squirrelcide
Waste 100 Squirrels
Bomber Squirrel Bomber Squirrel
Activate 1000 Bomb-Blocks