Spooky Bonus Achievement List

Chilled Chilled
Beat the game in Relaxed mode.
Thrilled Thrilled
Beat the game in Timed mode.
Maximum Bling Maximum Bling
Purchase all of the house decorations.
Scoretastic Scoretastic
Score 5000 in a single level.
Scoremageddon Scoremageddon
Score 8000 in a single level.
Six of the Best Six of the Best
Use all 6 powerups on a single level.
Tooled up Tooled up
Upgrade a powerup to level 3.
Grey Alien! Grey Alien!
Purchase the Grey Alien decoration.
Sweet Match Sweet Match
Match 5 shapes at once.
Furry Friend Furry Friend
Find a black cat.
Fifty Shades of Pumpkin Fifty Shades of Pumpkin
Reach the Dungeon level.
The Grey Mile The Grey Mile
Reach the Asylum level.
High Stakes High Stakes
Reach the Crypt.
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction
Chain react 3 bonuses at once.
Insane Reaction Insane Reaction
Chain react 6 bonuses at once.
An Almighty Stink An Almighty Stink
Set off a Garlic Bomb
Bonus Spree Bonus Spree
Set off 20 bonuses on a single level.
Going for Gold Going for Gold
Collect a bag of coins.
Gold Master Gold Master
Collect 10 coins on a single level.