Spoko and Poko Achievement List

10 troubles 10 troubles
open 10 troubles
20 troubles 20 troubles
open 20 troubles
30 troubles 30 troubles
open 30 troubles
40 troubles 40 troubles
open 40 troubles
50 troubles 50 troubles
open 50 troubles
hattrick hattrick
your first hattrick
all elements 250 all elements 250
pure world in the second ball
all elements 500 all elements 500
pure world in the second ball
plasma plasma
take plasma from the pack
firetime firetime
take firetime from the pack
bullettime bullettime
take bulettime from the pack
blackhole blackhole
take blackhole from the pack
gravity gravity
take gravity from the pack
jojo jojo
take jojo from the pack
ball ball
take bonus ball from the pack
bumpers fan bumpers fan
use the bumpers
trolley30 trolley30
play and explore
trolley50 trolley50
play and explore
trolley70 trolley70
play and explore
trolley90 trolley90
play and explore
flaps10 flaps10
play and explore
flaps30 flaps30
play and explore
star from the sky star from the sky
get stars…
Greenlight Greenlight
catch greenlight
sky is the limit sky is the limit
fly to the sky…