Spoiler Alert Achievement List

Caramba! Caramba!
Jump more than 150 times.
Cause more than 10 time paradoxes.
Chili Columbus Chili Columbus
Unlock all 3 main worlds.
Gold Digger Gold Digger
Get gold star score in all 90 main levels.
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Do the leap of faith in World 3, level 12 – without middle landing on the support block.
Thanks to... Thanks to…
Watch the credits from finish to start.
Tortilla Tortilla
Get squished flat as a tortilla.
Treasurehunter Treasurehunter
Find all 3 hidden main treasures.
Mariachi Champ Mariachi Champ
Get gold star score in all 10 levels in the Mariachi World.
Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert
Uncomplete the main game.