Split Achievement List

Participation Award Participation Award
Complete Welcome to Split and Tutorial Island.
Bronze Award Bronze Award
Complete 50% of the game.
Silver Award Silver Award
Complete 75% of the game.
Gold Award Gold Award
Complete 100% of the game.
Overachiever Overachiever
100% all levels.
No! Why?! It's A Massacre! No! Why?! It’s A Massacre!
Lose all your cubes.
Slippery When Wet Slippery When Wet
Fall into the water.
Accident Prone Accident Prone
Restart 100 times.
Once Again, With Feeling! Once Again, With Feeling!
Play through a second time.
One Cube To Rule Them All One Cube To Rule Them All
Play the game without restarting once.
Well Managed Well Managed
Only split your cube once.
Completely split your cubes.
Multitasking Multitasking
Press 4 buttons at once.
Prickly! Prickly!
Don’t touch dem cactus.
Let's Try That Again.. Let’s Try That Again..
Restart 10 times.