Spheria Achievement List

New ball, new life New ball, new life
First ball unlocked
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
First map completed
A new hope A new hope
Ten Gold medals
Something broken Something broken
Ten Blocks medals
Graduated Graduated
Tutorial completed
Real Roll Real Roll
Real World completed
Warming up Warming up
100m distance rolled
Starting to sweat Starting to sweat
1KM distance rolled
Keep on Rolling baby! Keep on Rolling baby!
5Km distance rolled
Rolling is your nature Rolling is your nature
10Km distance rolled
Don't stop me now Don’t stop me now
100 blocks destroyed
Wreck-It Man Wreck-It Man
1000 blocks destroyed
Tetris Tetris
5000 blocks destroyed
Another block in The Wall Another block in The Wall
10000 blocks destroyed
Technician Technician
10 engines activated
Chief Technician Chief Technician
100 engines activated
Engineer Engineer
500 engines activated
Master Engineer Master Engineer
1000 engines activated
No pain, no gain No pain, no gain
10 times lost
Never Surrender Never Surrender
100 times lost
Hell Bells Hell Bells
500 times lost
Sky is the limit Sky is the limit
1000 times lost