SpellKnights Achievement List

Sniper Sniper
Reach 1000 successful hits
Level 10 Level 10
Reach level 10
Level 20 Level 20
Reach level 20
Level 30 Level 30
Reach level 30
Level 40 Level 40
Reach level 40
Level 50 Level 50
Reach level 50
Level 60 Level 60
Reach level 60
Level 70 Level 70
Reach level 70
Level 80 Level 80
Reach level 80
Level 90 Level 90
Reach level 90
Level 99 Level 99
Reach level 99
Beginner Beginner
Win 5 games
Champion Champion
Win 25 games
Legend Legend
Win 100 games
Who Needs Magic Who Needs Magic
Kill an enemy with a melee attack
Untouchable Untouchable
Win a round without getting hit
 True survivor True survivor
Win a round with 1 hp left
FireBender FireBender
Win a round using only fire
Waterbender Waterbender
Win a round using only water
Earthbender Earthbender
Win a round using only Earth
Windbender Windbender
Win a round using only Wind
My safespace My safespace
Stay 25 seconds inside a shield
Master of the elements Master of the elements
Destroy 5 projectiles with their opposites elements
True Speed True Speed
While having the Speed run power up, destroy three power ups
Finish him Finish him
While having double damage power up, kill a player
Saved by the bell Saved by the bell
Get hit while having shield creation power up and 1 hp left.
Rektflected Rektflected
While having shield reflection power up, kill a player with the projectile reflect
Going for a swim Going for a swim
Fall into the water