Spectrum: First Light Achievement List

Baby Steps Baby Steps
Phase between colors correctly.
Quick Learner Quick Learner
Solve the first puzzle.
Solar-Powered Solar-Powered
Unlock the Yellow color!
Grass is greener on the other side Grass is greener on the other side
Unlock the Green color!
I'm blue dabadidabada I’m blue dabadidabada
Unlock the Blue color!
Einstein is back Einstein is back
Solve the first lever puzzle.
#BluePill #BluePill
Following the instructions like a baws.
The Cake is a lie The Cake is a lie
Use the experimental portals in Spectrum.
Neo Neo
Finish a level without dying.
Chuck Norris Approves Chuck Norris Approves
Finish a Boss level without dying.
Godlike Godlike
This is impossible. You have somehow achieved it. Godlike!
Shawn Been Shawn Been
Die > 100 times.
To Be Continued To Be Continued
Play through till the end of Spectrum …
IQ > 9000″ class = “achievementicon lazy” data-original = “/images/games/media/38171/steamachievements/346430/iq–9000.jpg”/> </a>
				<span class='achievementtitle'>
					<a href = '/viewsteamachievement/iq--9000'>IQ > 9000</a> 
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Solve the last puzzle.
Faster than Flash Faster than Flash
Finish Spectrum in less than 60 minutes.
Color Overflow Color Overflow
Phase between colors more than 1000 times.