Spectraball Achievement List

Island Hopper Island Hopper
Complete the Tropical Isles Stage
Desert Nomad Desert Nomad
Complete the Barren Desert Stage
Hot Stuff Hot Stuff
Complete the Volcanic Crater Stage
Frozen Ball Frozen Ball
Complete the Snowy Peaks Stage
Lord of the Skies Lord of the Skies
Complete the Sky Ruins Stage
Cliffhanger Cliffhanger
Complete the Towering Mountain Stage
Galactic God Galactic God
Complete the Space Construct Stage
Honor Roll Honor Roll
Complete the Training Facility
Gladiator Gladiator
Survive for 100 seconds in the Arena
Laser Surgeon Laser Surgeon
Survive for 60 seconds in Laser Jump
Epic Crater Epic Crater
Survive for 100 seconds in Crate Chaos
Speed Demon Speed Demon
Reach a speed of 100 mph
Free Bird Free Bird
Pull off 7 seconds of air time
The Impossible The Impossible
Clear every stage in order with no fallouts