Spectra Achievement List

Spectra Spectra
You have completed Track 1 – Spectra
Tokyo Skies Tokyo Skies
You have completed Track 2 – Tokyo Skies
Forged In Stars Forged In Stars
You have completed Track 3 – Forged In Stars
Only Human Only Human
You have completed Track 4 – Only Human
Aurora Borealis Aurora Borealis
You have completed Track 5 – Aurora Borealis
Evolution Evolution
You have completed Track 6 – Evolution
Beyond the Cosmos Beyond the Cosmos
You have completed Track 7 – Beyond the Cosmos
Veteran Veteran
You have completed Track 8 – Veteran
Sonnet Sonnet
You have completed Track 9 – Sonnet
Sunday Sunday
You have completed Track 10 – Sunday
Party time Party time
You have unlocked all tracks
Arithnomania Arithnomania
You Have looked at your stats
Hardcore! Hardcore!
You have completed a track on Hardcore difficulty
Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka Waka
You have collected 100 or more pickups whilst maintaining a score
Show-Off Show-Off
You have completed a track with 50 Successful “Nice!” bonuses
Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing
You have completed a track without any collisions
K'tching K’tching
You have cashed in a score buffer of more than 3,000 points
It's Over 9000! It’s Over 9000!
You managed to get a score of 9,000 or more on a track
I Can Fly I Can Fly
You have cashed in an Air bonus while maintaining a score multiplier of 10 or more
Pedal to The Metal Pedal to The Metal
You managed to get a score multiplier of 15 or more
Greedy Greedy
You have picked up 10,000 pickups
Not Bad Not Bad
You have a combined best score of 100,000 or more across all tracks
Just a Scratch Just a Scratch
You have completed a track with 100 collisions or more
Owch Owch
You have lost a score buffer of more than 3,000 points
Runner Up Runner Up
you have lost 100 times
Completionist Completionist
You have completed all tracks on both difficulty settings
Spectracular Spectracular
You have completed all Achievments