Spareware Achievement List

Walk in a park Walk in a park
Kill 128 enemies
Day at the docks Day at the docks
Kill 256 enemies
Fluxisle Fluxisle
Kill 1024 enemies
Resistance is futile Resistance is futile
Kill 16384 enemies
Salvation by slaughter Salvation by slaughter
Kill 65536 enemies
Am I being detained, officer? Am I being detained, officer?
Die on Easy difficulty
You can do better You can do better
Complete the Core on Casual
Not bad for a can of tin Not bad for a can of tin
Complete the Core on Easy
Defender of Man Defender of Man
Complete the Core on Medium
Saviour of Humanity Saviour of Humanity
Complete the Core on Hard
Glory for Chaos! Glory for Chaos!
Finish a level in 4 player coop
The power of friendship The power of friendship
Complete a run without anyone dying in coop on Medium or higher
Machine servant Machine servant
Reach level 8
Automata Automata
Reach level 16
Android Android
Reach level 32
Mr. Roboto Mr. Roboto
Reach level 50
Try to have some fun! Try to have some fun!
No friendly kills in a single level in coop
Around we go Around we go
Defeat the Core level 10 times
It's a trap! It’s a trap!
Kill 5 enemies with a single mine
Dodgy Dodgy
Don’t take any damage in a level
Untouchable Untouchable
Don’t take any damage in a whole run
How is that even possible? How is that even possible?
Complete the game with four players so none take damage
Trans-organ Express Trans-organ Express
Kill ten enemies with a single railgun shot
Danger! High Voltage! Danger! High Voltage!
Kill 20 enemies with one eBola shot
Gunkata Gunkata
Kill an enemy with a bullet that has bounced at least 3 times
Mincer Mincer
Kill 256 enemies with Flechette
Repairbot Repairbot
Kill 256 enemies with Bolter
Conductor Conductor
Kill 256 enemies with Railgun
Broadside Broadside
Kill 256 enemies with Rocketeer
Would you like a drink? Would you like a drink?
Kill 256 enemies with Cancannon
Nailed it! Nailed it!
Kill 256 enemies with Speargun
Super electric Super electric
Kill 256 enemies with eBola
Pacifist Pacifist
Kill 256 enemies with Shield Ricochets
Dangerzone Dangerzone
Unlock the whole Scout-tree
Bullet sponge Bullet sponge
Unlock the whole Juggernaut-tree
Medbots Medbots
Unlock the whole Support-tree