Spandex Force: Champion Rising Achievement List

Good Ending Good Ending
You have unlocked the good ending achievement
Sidekick Ending Sidekick Ending
You have unlocked the sidekick ending achievement
Evil Ending Evil Ending
You have unlocked the evil ending achievement
Time Out Ending Time Out Ending
You have unlocked the out of time ending achievement
Brawler Brawler
Fifty opponents defeated in puzzle battles
Hard Worker Hard Worker
Played the job minigame fifty times
No Pain No Gain No Pain No Gain
Played the training minigame fifty times
All Your Base All Your Base
The superhero base has been fully upgraded
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades
All different types of jobs have been unlocked
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Found all hidden supervillains in Vigilance Valley
Secrets Unveiled Secrets Unveiled
All hidden story secrets have been uncovered
Powerhouse Powerhouse
Physical, Mental and Elemental power levels of 8 reached
Croesus Croesus
You have collected $10,000 with your superhero
Defender Defender
You rescued the citizens from the Protector Mk II
Thawing Time Thawing Time
You confronted the Blizzard Wizard
High Score High Score
Final score of 20,000 or higher achieved