Space Rangers: Quest Achievement List

One Small Step for a Ranger One Small Step for a Ranger
Complete the tutorial
Loner Loner
Complete the game having docked at stations no more than 20 times
Super Scanner Super Scanner
Scan 100 systems
Hyperdurability Hyperdurability
Perform 300 hyperjumps
Prequel Prequel
Find the first messenger
Sequel Sequel
Find the second messenger
Filler Filler
Find the third messenger
Spin-Off Spin-Off
Find the fourth messenger
Remake Remake
Find the fifth messenger
Finita Finita
Finish what you started
Library Card Library Card
Complete 20 different text quests
Bookmark Bookmark
Complete the same text quest 10 times
One-Man Army One-Man Army
Win 20 space battles
Maintenance Master Maintenance Master
Repair your ship at a station 50 times
Wormhole Wormhole
Use a teleportation device
Level 80 RPG-lover Level 80 RPG-lover
Complete all text quests available on the map within one game
Nostradamus Nostradamus
Find out what the future holds for the rangers
Deal of the Century Deal of the Century
Use a rare artifact to earn yourself maximum profit
Tin-Foil Hat Tin-Foil Hat
Complete the game having scanned no more than 10 systems
Maximum Upgrade Maximum Upgrade
Upgrade your engine and hull to their maximum levels
Regular Customer Regular Customer
Buy 1000 fuel
Medal of Honor Medal of Honor
Complete the game having started as a warrior
Vacuum Salesman Vacuum Salesman
Complete the game having started as a merchant
Criminal Order Criminal Order
Complete the game having started as a pirate
Mr. Big Shot Mr. Big Shot
Earn 100,000 cr.
Not Some Chump Not Some Chump
Lose 20% of your capital or more in one event
Fork in the Eye Fork in the Eye
Find a fork in the Prison quest
Master of Roaches Master of Roaches
Win a roach race in the Prison quest
Accident Prevention Accident Prevention
Use a circular saw in the Edelweiss quest
Viva la Cynicism Viva la Cynicism
In the Election quest, prepare a 90% cynical campaign
Beginner's Luck Beginner’s Luck
Complete the final quest of the game on your first try
Ragobamian Toad Ragobamian Toad
Complete the game without upgrading your ship
Cartographer Cartographer
Buy maps for all sectors
Glow in the Dark Glow in the Dark
Scan all systems
Magellan Magellan
Visit all systems
Back Door Back Door
Escape through the tunnel in the Prison quest
Interspecies Commerce Interspecies Commerce
Distract the spider with a piece of bread or a sandwich in the Ranger’s Bad Day quest
Fashion Detective Fashion Detective
Return the lost dress to its owner in the Ranger’s Bad Day quest
Don't Forget to Wipe Don’t Forget to Wipe
Place explosives inside the restroom in the Borzukhan quest
Trickster of Tricksters Trickster of Tricksters
Don’t pay back your loan for 1000 days
Prank Prank
Swear at the collector who calls you
Marathon Man Marathon Man
Perform 3 hyperjumps into different systems without refuelling
The Naked Truth The Naked Truth
Lose everything at cards in the Ministry quest
Barman Barman
Prepare the Coriander cocktail in the Banquet quest
The Worst Hangover The Worst Hangover
Offer alcohol to the doppelganger in the Ranger’s Bad Day quest
The Firmament The Firmament
Collapse the cave walls in the Borzukhan quest
A Full Stadium A Full Stadium
Impress the listeners with your music in the Music Festival quest
Let It All Burn Let It All Burn
Blow up the safe in the Driver quest
Militarism Militarism
Gain the votes of at least 90% of the Maloqs in the Election quest
A Generous Dealer A Generous Dealer
Give the ear-legged sibolusopht a double dose of anesthesia
Escape Artist Escape Artist
Successfully escape enforcement officers 10 times