Space Pirates and Zombies Achievement List

A Small Talent for War A Small Talent for War
Destroy 100 Enemy Ships
Deadly Deadly
Destroy 500 Enemy Ships
5th Horseman 5th Horseman
Destroy 2500 Enemy Ships
Petty Miner Petty Miner
Collect 1,000 Rez
Big Digger Big Digger
Collect 10,000 Rez
Rez Lord Rez Lord
Collect 100,000 Rez
Slave Driver Slave Driver
Collect 250 Goons
Labor Acquisition Master Labor Acquisition Master
Collect 2,500 Goons
Goon Tycoon Goon Tycoon
Collect 25,000 Goons
Eye Popper Eye Popper
Space 250 Goons
Big Bada Boom Big Bada Boom
Destroy a Tier 3 UTA Base
Oh the humanity! Oh the humanity!
Destroy a Tier 3 CIV Base
Master Blaster Master Blaster
Destroy 25 Starbases
Scout Scout
Explore 10 Star Systems
Explorer Explorer
Explore 50 Star Systems
Omniscient Omniscient
Explore 150 Star Systems
Errand Boy Errand Boy
Complete 5 Missions
Fixer Fixer
Complete 25 Missions
Mission Master Mission Master
Complete 100 Missions
Trainee Trainee
Collect a Common Specialist
Minion Minion
Collect an Uncommon Specialist
Henchman Henchman
Collect a Rare Specialist
Expert Expert
Collect an Elite Specialist
Ninja Ninja
Collect a Godlike Specialist
Palm Greaser Palm Greaser
Bribe Past 5 Warpgates
Negotiator Negotiator
Bribe Star Relations 5 Times
Tactical Retreat Tactical Retreat
Mass Retreat 5 Times
Chemistry Set Chemistry Set
Reach Tech Level 10
Mr. Science Mr. Science
Reach Tech Level 50
Power Overwhelming Power Overwhelming
Reach Tech Level 100
Uber Technician Uber Technician
Research a Category to Level 10
Harbor Master Harbor Master
Unlock All Ship Hulls
No Pieces Left Over No Pieces Left Over
Unlock All Components
Mr. Fixit Mr. Fixit
Repair the Clockwork
Bigger is Better Bigger is Better
Upgrade the Clockwork
Frankenstein Frankenstein
The Clockwork II
Good Riddance Good Riddance
Escape the Sol System
Space Opera Space Opera
Complete the Game
Impressive! Impressive!
Complete the Game on Expert
Masochist Masochist
Complete the Game on Insane
Single Minded Single Minded
Never use Respec
Sniper Sniper
Beat a Warpgate 10 levels higher than you
War Hero War Hero
Clear all zombie infection
Mentor Mentor
Train a Specialist to Expert
Gold Watch Gold Watch
Retire a Specialist
Santa's Little Helper Santa’s Little Helper
Feed Santa so much milk and cookies, that an elf falls off his sleigh
Arena Champion Arena Champion
Beat all 10 arena ladders and all 5 tiers on bronze, silver and gold level. Be the champ of 150 events..
Defeat a Tier 3 Bounty Hunter Stronghold in Chapter 4. In short, do the impossible. You have our sympathy.