Space Overlords Achievement List

Initiate Initiate
Destroy 3000 buildings.
Little Lord Little Lord
Destroy 30000 buildings.
Rising Lord Rising Lord
Destroy 50000 buildings.
Overlord Overlord
Destroy 100000 buildings.
Overdrive Overlord Overdrive Overlord
Destroy 250000 buildings.
Our Own Little World Our Own Little World
Conquer your first planet.
One By One One By One
Play and win a multiplayer game session with each of the playable races.
Urban Demolisher Urban Demolisher
Destroy 1000 Base buildings.
City Ravager City Ravager
Destroy 1000 Mega Cities
Communication it's Down Communication it’s Down
Destroy 1000 Comm Stations.
Low of Power Low of Power
Destroy 1000 Power Stations.
Planet Creator Planet Creator
Create a custom planet in the level editor.
Challenge Creator Challenge Creator
Create planets with all the gameplay types in the level editor.
Gralaxy Creator Gralaxy Creator
Create 8 custom planets in the level editor.
Chapter 1 Conquered Chapter 1 Conquered
Complete Chapter 1 in Story Mode
Chapter 2 Conquered Chapter 2 Conquered
Complete Chapter 2 in Story Mode
Chapter 3 Conquered Chapter 3 Conquered
Complete Chapter 3 in Story Mode
Chapter 4 Conquered Chapter 4 Conquered
Complete Chapter 4 in Story Mode
Chapter 5 Conquered Chapter 5 Conquered
Complete Chapter 5 in Story Mode
Chapter 6 Conquered Chapter 6 Conquered
Complete Chapter 6 in Story Mode
Chapter 7 Conquered Chapter 7 Conquered
Complete Chapter 7 in Story Mode
Overlord Master Overlord Master
Complete Story Mode with all the Overlords.
Space Overlord Space Overlord
Unlock All the Achievements
Ultimate Overlord Ultimate Overlord
Find all 4 pieces of ultimate armor and unlock your true potential.
Inpati Hunter Inpati Hunter
Find and destroy an obelisc containing a piece of the ultimate armor for any overlord.
Ultimate Gathering Ultimate Gathering
Unlock the ultimate overlord form with the 4 main characters of the game.
Overlord Destroyer Overlord Destroyer
Defeat 100 competing overlords on local or online multiplayer matches.
Overlord Bane Overlord Bane
Defeat 500 competing overlords on local or online multiplayer.