Space Grunts Achievement List

Survived the game Survived the game
Survived the game
Survived as Captain Survived as Captain
Survive the game as Captain
Survived as Strongarm Survived as Strongarm
Survive the game as Strongarm
Survived as Techjunky Survived as Techjunky
Survive the game as Techjunky
Found an anomaly Found an anomaly
Find and use an anomaly
Underground cave Underground cave
Find the underground cave
Found hidden Ancients gate Found hidden Ancients gate
Use the hidden ancients gate
Reached moonbase Reached moonbase
Reach the moonbase
Reach laboratories Reach laboratories
Reach the laboratories levels
Reach radiation zone Reach radiation zone
Reach the radiation zone levels
Reach the other side Reach the other side
Reach the other side
Max upgrade shells Max upgrade shells
Upgrade shell based weapon to the maximum
Max upgrade frags Max upgrade frags
Upgrade the frag-based weapon to the max
Max upgrade plasma Max upgrade plasma
Upgrade the plasma to the maximum
Survive Daily Challenge Survive Daily Challenge
Survive the Daily Challenge
Datacard collector Datacard collector
Collect all datacards
Berzerker Berzerker
Use the Berzerker
Battle up Battle up
Use the Battle suit
Wiggle it Wiggle it
Complete a level without shooting the worms
Techjunky B-skin Techjunky B-skin
Unlock the Techjunky b-skin
Strongarm B-skin Strongarm B-skin
Unlock the Strongarm B-skin
Captain B-skin Captain B-skin
Unlock the Captain B-skin
Zombie outbreak Zombie outbreak
Start a zombie outbreak
Reinforcements Reinforcements
Call for reinforcement
Survived as B-Captain Survived as B-Captain
Survive the game as B-Captain
Survived as B-Strongarm Survived as B-Strongarm
Survive the game as B-Strongarm
Survived as B-Techjunky Survived as B-Techjunky
Survive the game as B-Techjunky
Survived the Worm Dimension Survived the Worm Dimension
Survive the Worm Dimension
Moonbase 30 Moonbase 30
Reach the moonbase in a Daily challenges 30 times
Use Gaia Use Gaia
Use Gaia
Escape Zombie attack Escape Zombie attack
Escape Zombie attack