Sovereignty: Crown of Kings Achievement List

A Hero Calls A Hero Calls
You have hired a Hero.
Massed Attack Massed Attack
You have attacked another province with a Stack of 20 Units.
Last Stand Last Stand
You have successfully defended a province with 1 Unit remaining.
Battle-Hardened Battle-Hardened
Your Unit has won a medal.
Crack Troops Crack Troops
You Unit has won 2 medals.
Glory Glory
You are victorious in a named Battlefield.
The Code of War The Code of War
You have occupied a foreign Capitol and then retreated from it before it was destroyed.
Trader Trader
You have had 100 trade offers accepted
Ambassador Ambassador
You have forged 20 Alliances.
Cradle of Science Cradle of Science
You have established 5 Cradles of Science.
Patron of the Arts Patron of the Arts
You have established 5 Patron of the Arts.
Fading Age Fading Age
You have cast Fading Age.
The Horde The Horde
You have called the Horde!
Old Hill Old Hill
You have raised a Death Knight in defense of Old Hill!
Prison Warden Prison Warden
You have captured 200 Prisoners.
Admiral Admiral
You have destroyed 100 enemy Naval Units.
Marshal Marshal
You have destroyed 1000 enemy Land Units.
Prestidigitator Prestidigitator
You have learned a 1st Level Spell.
Conjuror Conjuror
You have learned 3 different 2nd Level Spells.
Sorcerer Sorcerer
You have learned 6 different 3rd Level Spells.
Wizard Wizard
You have learned 9 different 4th Level Spells.
Arch-Mage Arch-Mage
You have learned 12 different 5th Level Spells.
Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
You have played as 5 different Races.
Merchant Merchant
You have 50,000 or more Gold in your Treasury.
Financier Financier
You have 125,000 or more Gold in your Treasury.
Treasurer Treasurer
You have 500,000 or more Gold in your Treasury.
Manslayer Manslayer
You have destroyed 20 Human Realms.
Orcslayer Orcslayer
You have destroyed 5 Orc Realms.
Dwarfslayer Dwarfslayer
You have destroyed 5 Dwarven Realms.
Elfslayer Elfslayer
You have destroyed 5 Elven Realms.
Deathslayer Deathslayer
You have destroyed 5 Undead Realms
Campaigner Campaigner
You are victorious in storyline campaigns of 5 different realms.
Conqueror Conqueror
You are victorious in Conquest campaigns of 5 different Realms.
Destroyer Destroyer
You are victorious in the Last Man Standing campaign of 5 different Realms.
Duelist Duelist
You are victorious in the Rivalry campaign of 5 different Realms.
Sun King Sun King
You are victorious in the Power Games campaign of 5 different Realms.
Hardliner Hardliner
You are victorious in an Ironman campaign.
Ironman Ironman
You are victorious in 10 Ironman campaigns.
Wintersun Wintersun
You are victorious in Last Man Standing as Icespire.
Sanguine Sanguine
You are victorious in Last Man Standing as Ladvia.
Venom Venom
You are victorious in Last Man Standing as Crivia.