Soundodger+ Achievement List

A Perfect Start A Perfect Start
Score 100% on any Normal Level
Rhythm Weaver Rhythm Weaver
Score 100% on any Advanced Level
First Crush First Crush
Score 100% on any Heart Level
Triangles Triangles
Complete all Normal Levels
Circles Circles
Complete all Advanced Levels
Squares Squares
Complete all Heart Levels
Phonic Flurry Phonic Flurry
Score 100% on all Normal Levels
En Dedans En Dedans
Score 100% on all Advanced Levels
Pirouette Pirouette
Score 100% on all Heart Levels
Your Quest Begins Your Quest Begins
Collect 3 Hearts
Follow Your Heart Follow Your Heart
Collect every Heart
Wall is Lava Wall is Lava
Score 100% without touching the wall in any Advanced Level
In The Moment In The Moment
Score 100% on any Advanced Level without using slow-motion
Winding Down Winding Down
Score 100% on any Advanced Level while using slow-motion for 90 seconds total
Single Single
Complete 1 User Level
Complete 5 User Levels
Album Album
Complete 10 User Levels
Hyperdodger Hyperdodger
Score 100% on every Level
Choreographer Choreographer
Create a new level in the Editor