Soul Gambler Achievement List

Soul Gambler Soul Gambler
Cut your hand and make the pact
Not Your Choice Anymore Not Your Choice Anymore
It’s impossible to escape from your fate
Miser Miser
Never give money to a stranger
Virginity Protected Virginity Protected
You are no ladiesman, are you?
Thirst For Knowledge Thirst For Knowledge
Now you do know a bit more about the game’s secrets
A Good and Brave Friend A Good and Brave Friend
Save ?? and question ??
Bully Bully
Solve a problem using violence
Fluoxetine Doesn't Work Fluoxetine Doesn’t Work
This suicide is not from the squad
Casanova Casanova
Show that you know how to handle a woman
Sherlock Sherlock
Proof of your investigative abilities
Enfermo Enfermo
You are starting to get sick of this hospital
Fugitive Fugitive
Officially an outlaw
Prisoner Prisoner
Better aim a good conduct
Not today! Not today!
Be smarter than a cheater
Deep down Deep down
Nothing else to lose
On the Road On the Road
Don’t forget your toothbrush
Coincidences? Coincidences?
Meet someone known on the other side of the world
Soulmates Soulmates
Do you believe in them?
Nothing Nothing
Sometimes is what remains in the end
Drinking my sorrows Drinking my sorrows
Can be how a story ends
In the head In the head
…but not in control
Everything is fine! Everything is fine!
Celebrate the end!
Employee of the month Employee of the month
Finish your work on time