Soul Axiom Achievement List

Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage
Complete the Ship
Death Valley Death Valley
Complete the Desert
Blast From The Past Blast From The Past
Complete the Desert Temple
Field Of Dreams Field Of Dreams
Complete the Elysian Fields
Soul Train Soul Train
Complete the Monorail
Monkeying Around Monkeying Around
Complete the Jungle
Soul Survivor Soul Survivor
Complete the Warzone
Washed Up Washed Up
Complete the Beach
An Evening at the Museum An Evening at the Museum
Complete the Museum
Flat Liners Flat Liners
Complete the Hospital
Snow Blind Snow Blind
Complete the Ice Palace
School's Out School’s Out
Complete the University
Least Haunted Least Haunted
Complete the Mansion
In Space, No One Can Hear You... In Space, No One Can Hear You…
Complete the Space Station
Soul Salvation Soul Salvation
Complete the Church
Winter Is Coming Winter Is Coming
Complete the Winter HQ
Home Alone Home Alone
Complete the Apartment
Zero Corruption Zero Corruption
Complete the Tree of Life
Rush Hour Rush Hour
Complete the Corrupt Winter HQ with no deaths
Visitation Rights Visitation Rights
Complete the HUB
Killing Time Killing Time
Complete the Waiting Room
Hidden Achievement
Hell's Angel Hell’s Angel
Defeat the Volcano Angel without any Deaths
Hidden Achievement
Resurrection Resurrection
Complete Solomon’s Ending
Hidden Achievement
Acceptance Acceptance
Complete Dana’s Ending
Hidden Achievement
Vengeance Vengeance
Complete Doctor’s Ending
Power Meeting Power Meeting
Complete the Office with any Character
Hell Hath No Fury.... Hell Hath No Fury….
Complete the Volcano
Deforestation Deforestation
Complete the Corrupt Jungle
Body Count Body Count
Complete the Corrupt Warzone
Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast
Complete the Corrupt Beach
Jurassic Embark Jurassic Embark
Complete the Corrupt Museum
Dead Memories Dead Memories
Complete the Corrupt Hospital
Deep Freeze Deep Freeze
Complete the Corrupt Ice Palace
School's In School’s In
Complete the Corrupt University
Most Haunted Most Haunted
Complete the Corrupt Mansion
Lost in Space Lost in Space
Complete the Corrupt Space Station
Hung Parliament Hung Parliament
Complete the Corrupt Church
Winter Has Come Winter Has Come
Complete the Corrupt Winter HQ
Apartment Blocked Apartment Blocked
Complete the Corrupt Apartment
10,000 BC 10,000 BC
Visit the Prehistoric Era
David Age 6 David Age 6
Find the “kids” Owl picture in the Hospital
There and Back Again There and Back Again
It’s your last chance to understand
Hidden Achievement
Ouroboros Ouroboros
Complete all three endings
Ducktective Ducktective
Find the Blue Duck
Time Flies Time Flies
Complete the Clock Puzzle without dying in Ice Palace
Going Ape? Going Ape?
Find the first Monkey
Gone Ape! Gone Ape!
Find half the Monkeys
Prime Ape Prime Ape
Find all the Monkeys
Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder
Find the first Eye
The King and Eye The King and Eye
Find half the Eyes
Eye Flyer Eye Flyer
Find all the Eyes
Hidden Achievement
Out Of Phase Out Of Phase
Find the Phase Power
Hidden Achievement
Play Time Play Time
Find the Play Power
Hidden Achievement
Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
Find the Destroy Power
Hidden Achievement
Touching Evil Touching Evil
Find the Corrupt Power
Crowmageddon Crowmageddon
Beat the Crows without dying on Corrupt Mansion
Indy Developer Indy Developer
Phase the Ball in the Desert Temple
Hidden Achievement
Master Reboot Master Reboot
Find Seren in the Tree of Life
Short Attention Span Short Attention Span
Complete the Puzzle on the Monorail
Monkey See Monkey Don't Monkey See Monkey Don’t
Destroy the Right Monkey in the Jungle
This Shark Still Looks Fake... This Shark Still Looks Fake…
Trigger the Shark attack on the Beach
Raiders of the Lost Shark Raiders of the Lost Shark
Trigger the Shark attack in the Museum