Sora Achievement List

Sora Sora
Cleared all achievements in Sora
First Mission First Mission
Cleared stage 1
Sticks and Stones Sticks and Stones
Cleared stage 2
Uncertainty Uncertainty
Cleared stage 3
Reunion Reunion
Cleared stage 4
Ultimate Weapons Ultimate Weapons
Cleared stage 5
Touched with Fire Touched with Fire
Cleared stage 6
Unbroken Unbroken
Cleared stage 7
Hidden Achievement
To the Sky To the Sky
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Extraordinary Specs Extraordinary Specs
Cleared stage 1 with rank A or higher
By a Rockslide By a Rockslide
Cleared stage 2 with rank A or higher
A Lone Protector A Lone Protector
Cleared stage 3 with rank A or higher
A New Promise A New Promise
Cleared stage 4 with rank A or higher
The Strongest Weapon The Strongest Weapon
Cleared stage 5 with rank A or higher
Fire and Brimstone Fire and Brimstone
Cleared stage 6 with rank A or higher
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Cleared stage 7 with rank A or higher
Hidden Achievement
To the Blue Sky To the Blue Sky
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Harder than Hard Harder than Hard
Defeated a boss on Special difficulty
Three Stars Three Stars
Defeated three bosses on Special difficulty
Five Stars Five Stars
Defeated five bosses on Special difficulty
Ultimate Showdown Ultimate Showdown
Defeated the Guardian on Special difficulty
This Is My Rifle This Is My Rifle
Unlocked the first weapon
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Unlocked 10 weapons
Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist
Unlocked all weapons
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Cleared a stage with S rank
Unseen Unseen
Defeated Alte without being spotted by the Search Light
I See You I See You
Defeated Tsih while she’s stealthed
Good Moves Good Moves
Defeated Mira without being hit by rolling blades
Crowd Control Crowd Control
Defeated the Operator after defeating 30 wisps
Broken Reflection Broken Reflection
Defeated the Ultimate Weapon without being hit by reflected beams
A Clean Break A Clean Break
Defeated the Breaker without being hit by bombs
Defused Defused
Defeated the Breaker phase 2 after destroying all warheads
Dance Like a Flower Dance Like a Flower
Defeated the Dancer without being hit
Gotta Go Faster Gotta Go Faster
Defeated the Guardian in under 1 minute