Sonicomi Achievement List

Super Gravure Idol Super Gravure Idol
Get Ending 01.
Fashion Leader Fashion Leader
Get Ending 02.
Japan's Idol Japan’s Idol
Get Ending 03.
Commercial Queen Commercial Queen
Get Ending 04.
TV Star TV Star
Get Ending 05.
Angel of Laughter Angel of Laughter
Get Ending 06.
Across the Sea Across the Sea
Get Ending 07.
Subculture Icon Subculture Icon
Get Ending 09.
Gamers' Heroine Gamers’ Heroine
Get Ending 10.
Special Voice Actress Special Voice Actress
Get Ending 11.
Digital Diva Digital Diva
Get Ending 12.
Burning Erotic Soul Burning Erotic Soul
Get Ending 13.
Miracle Cosplayer Miracle Cosplayer
Get Ending 14.
Fairy of Akihabara Fairy of Akihabara
Get Ending 15
Punkish! Punkish!
Get Extra Ending 01.
Ultimate Weapon Ultimate Weapon
Get Extra Ending 02.
Super Orbital Rock Star Super Orbital Rock Star
Get the True Ending.
Easy Mode Easy Mode
Beat the game on Easy difficulty.
Normal Mode Normal Mode
Beat the game on Normal difficulty.
Hard Mode Hard Mode
Beat the game on Hard difficulty.
Rookie Photographer Rookie Photographer
Complete 10 photo shoots.
Passionate Photographer Passionate Photographer
Complete 50 photo shoots.
Veteran Photographer Veteran Photographer
Complete 100 photo shoots.
Wild Photographer Wild Photographer
Photograph a sub-target.
Lost Photographer Lost Photographer
Get a bad ending.
Nervous Date Nervous Date
Go on a first date with Sonico.
Exciting Date Exciting Date
Go on a second date with Sonico.
Great Shoot! Great Shoot!
Get an SS ranking on a photo shoot.
Super Combo Super Combo
Get a combo score of 100.
Ultra Combo Ultra Combo
Get a combo score of 200.
Clothing Master Clothing Master
Unlock all clothing items.
Accessory Master Accessory Master
Unlock all accessories.
Hair Master Hair Master
Unlock all hairstyles.
Dream Fulfilled Dream Fulfilled
Beat the bonus stage.
Scenery Photographer Scenery Photographer
Unlock all backgrounds.
Workaholic Workaholic
Complete all Client Requests.
King of Beasts King of Beasts
Photograph 100 sub-targets.
Doomed Wanderer Doomed Wanderer
Get all bad endings.
Sonicomi Master Sonicomi Master
Get all good endings.
Millionaire Millionaire
Buy everything in the Ouka Shop.
Just between Us Just between Us
Reach maximum affection with Sonico.
Snap out of It! Snap out of It!
Take no photos during the tutorial.
True Sonicomi Master True Sonicomi Master
Unlock all outfit parts.