Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath Achievement List

A walk in the garden A walk in the garden
Walk Henry with a leash
For my next trick... For my next trick…
Unlock all magical skill trees
I made it by myself! I made it by myself!
Craft an item
Have an item equiped in each of your appearance equipment slots at the same time
A stroll in the forest A stroll in the forest
Beat the Spider’s Forest boss. Spoiler: it’s a spider
It escaped the internet It escaped the internet
Defeat The Troll
Below Below
Defeat The Lich
Keep your flowers Keep your flowers
Defeat The Giant Plant
What laid beneath What laid beneath
Defeat the final boss
Oh! I thought it was... Oh! Oh! I thought it was… Oh!
Read a certain grimoire
Down the Well Down the Well
Finish the story “The Sorcerer” with the normal ending
Mice but no mystics Mice but no mystics
Find the secret ending of “The Sorcerer”