Solstice Achievement List

Words of Wisdom Words of Wisdom
Pay attention to Galen’s mentor.
Kindness of Strangers Kindness of Strangers
Make a promise to someone you barely know.
Take it Easy Take it Easy
Just relax and enjoy the baths.
Better Safe Than Sorry Better Safe Than Sorry
Play it safe when talking to strangers.
Tracking the Lion Tracking the Lion
Find out what happened to Lev.
First Come, First Served First Come, First Served
Let Yani be the doctor for once.
Bedside Manner Bedside Manner
Get intimate with an ex-killer.
Tail Wags Tail Wags
No dog should see this…
Justice For All Justice For All
Bring the murderer to justice.
Found It! Found It!
Seek magic and power hard enough.
Epistolary Secrets Epistolary Secrets
Receive assistance from someone who trusts no one.
Final Showdown Final Showdown
Make the final choice.
Jewel of the North Jewel of the North
Save the day like a true hero.
Clear Waters Clear Waters
Keep it warm and natural.
Lifeless Technology Lifeless Technology
Leave a mark on the wasteland.
True Winter True Winter
Let the Winter win.
Easy Way Out Easy Way Out
Abandon your goals.
Overachiever Overachiever
Experience all possible endings.