Solitairica Achievement List

We're Just Getting Started We’re Just Getting Started
Have your heart broken
Birth of a Legend Birth of a Legend
Unlock the Warrior deck
Never Give Up! Never Give Up!
Start a new journey after your heart breaks the first time
The Nightmare Begins The Nightmare Begins
Visit the Meadows of Madness
So... Thirsty... So… Thirsty…
Visit the Blandlands
Lots of Bones Here Lots of Bones Here
Visit the Ruinous Bog
Smells Weird Smells Weird
Visit Tangleslime Swamp
Watch Your Step! Watch Your Step!
Visit the Cliffs of Mythos
The Floors Are Sticky The Floors Are Sticky
Enter Castle Stuck
Double Decker Double Decker
Unlock a second deck
Faster, Stronger Faster, Stronger
Upgrade your first card in any deck
Myriodd Liberated! Myriodd Liberated!
Defeat Emperor Stuck
In the Money In the Money
Collect 50+ coins from a single card
It's Still a Win It’s Still a Win
Cause the enemy to sacrifice the last card
It Didn't Look Dangerous It Didn’t Look Dangerous
Break your heart by taking fatal damage on the last card
Ooooohh Shiny! Ooooohh Shiny!
Collect a wildstone from a card
Extremly Frugal Extremly Frugal
Defeat the enemy without using any spells
No More Room No More Room
Fill the bar for all energy types.
Full Inversion Full Inversion
Use Cosmic Inversion to go from 1 health to full
Health Nut Health Nut
Buy all 3 potions in a single journey
On a Roll On a Roll
Match 10 cards in a row
Shoot The Moon Shoot The Moon
Match every numeral in a single streak
Unfriendly Neighbors Unfriendly Neighbors
Battle all 18 enemy types
Zoologist of the Weird Zoologist of the Weird
Encounter all enemy traits
Flea Market Veteran Flea Market Veteran
Buy every item in the game
Professor of Mysticism Professor of Mysticism
Buy every spell in the game
Goop No More! Goop No More!
Defeat Emperor Stuck with every deck