Solar Struggle Achievement List

The beginning The beginning
Complete mission 1
Novice Novice
Complete mission 2
Hunt successful Hunt successful
Complete mission 3
Logistican Logistican
Complete mission 4
Exterminator Exterminator
Complete mission 5
Duteous Duteous
Complete mission 6
New home New home
Complete mission 7
New friends New friends
Complete mission 8
Diplomat Diplomat
Complete mission 9
Archeologist Archeologist
Complete mission 10
Risky Risky
Complete mission 11
First contact First contact
Play skirmish for the first time
Marine Marine
Put a gatling cannon into each slot of your ship in skirmish
Development assistance Development assistance
Improve a weapon or system in skirmish
Sense of Achievement Sense of Achievement
Destroy your first boss enemy in skirmish
Threefold Threefold
Achieve a 3x-multiplicator in skirmish
Fivefold Fivefold
Achieve a 5x-multiplicator in skirmish
Eightfold Eightfold
Achieve a 8x-multiplicator in skirmish
Shooter Shooter
Achieve 100 kills in skirmish mode.
Avenger Avenger
Achieve 1000 kills in skirmish mode.
Legend Legend
Achieve 10000 kills in skirmish mode.
Savior of Mankind Savior of Mankind
Complete the campaign.
Casual gamer Casual gamer
Obtain ten thousand hits.
Key player Key player
Obtain one hundred thousand hits.
Hitman Hitman
Obtain one million hits.
Big Sense of Achievement Big Sense of Achievement
Destroy the first destroyer in skirmish
From rags to riches From rags to riches
Obtain one million points in one skirmish game
Millionaire Millionaire
Obtain five million points in one skirmish game
Multimillionaire Multimillionaire
Obtain ten million points in one skirmish game
Short haul Short haul
Reach wave 5 in skirmish.
Middle haul Middle haul
Reach wave 10 in skirmish.
Long haul Long haul
Reach wave 20 in skirmish.
Plasmatician Plasmatician
Put a plasma cannon into each slot of your ship in skirmish
Sniper Sniper
Achieve 85% accuracy in the first mission
Space Racer Space Racer
Finish the asteroid course in the first mission in under 19 seconds
Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologist
Put a laser cannon into each slot of your ship in skirmish
Miserable Miserable
Obtain only 10% accuracy in a mission