Solar Shifter EX Achievement List

Welcome to Bullet Hell! Welcome to Bullet Hell!
Meet Allen Volker for the first time.
Not a scratch Not a scratch
Accomplish the first mission without taking damage.
Mechanic Mechanic
Upgrade both weapons to level 2 when you’re visiting the Shadow Hub for the first time.
Ok, maybe a dent Ok, maybe a dent
Accomplish the second mission without taking damage.
Who's your daddy?! Who’s your daddy?!
Defeat the second Ardath Clan Boss.
Credit Hunter Credit Hunter
Own 700 credits when arriving to a hangar.
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Finish the game.
Maximalist Maximalist
Fully upgrade both weapons.
Astra la vista, baby Astra la vista, baby
Accomplish the third Astra Corps mission without taking damage.
It's the final countdown It’s the final countdown
Accomplish the last mission without taking damage.
Invaders Invaders
Destroy the colony as the Alien Ravager.
Aliens Aliens
Destroy Cloud City as the Alien Striker.