Soccertron Achievement List

First game! First game!
First game played
I play nothing else. I play nothing else.
Played 500 times
I like kicking! I like kicking!
Kicked the ball 100 times
You can't stop me! You can’t stop me!
Kicked the ball 200 times
My leg hurts... My leg hurts…
Kicked the ball 500 times
I'm the kicks-God! I’m the kicks-God!
Kicked the ball 1000 times
Had to start some day... Had to start some day…
Scored your first goal!
This ain't so hard! This ain’t so hard!
Scored 50 goals
Is there a goalkeeper? Is there a goalkeeper?
Scored 1000 goals
Am I playing alone or what? Am I playing alone or what?
Scored 3000 goals
This doesn't mean anything This doesn’t mean anything
First goal received
I'm just letting you score. I’m just letting you score.
Got 25 goals scored
I think my leg is failing! I think my leg is failing!
Got 100 goals scored
There's a hole on my field! There’s a hole on my field!
Got 500 goals scored
My goalkeeper is on holidays... My goalkeeper is on holidays…
Got 1000 goals scored
A little step for a man... A little step for a man…
Won your first game!
Are... are you there? Are… are you there?
Won 50 matches
Winners gonna win! Winners gonna win!
Won 200 matches
I didn't warm up! I didn’t warm up!
Lost 10 games
Ok, I'm really bad... Ok, I’m really bad…
Lost 250 games
I care! I care!
You bought and actually PLAYED the game!