So Long Earth Achievement List

Fuelboy Fuelboy
Get your first fuel
Pilgrim Pilgrim
Find your first planet
Fat Wallet Fat Wallet
Get 50 gold in wallet
Golden gold Golden gold
Get 100 gold in wallet
Richie Dom Richie Dom
Get 500 gold in wallet
Chef D'Expedition Chef D’Expedition
Get to forest biome
The Inner Gods The Inner Gods
Get to lava biome
Desert Tango Desert Tango
Get to desert biome
Dumb Hard Dumb Hard
Get to crystal biome
No Country For Lab Men No Country For Lab Men
Get to toxic biome
Bad Consequences Bad Consequences
Get to submarine biome
Endeavoring Villainy Endeavoring Villainy
Get to home biome
Drunkard Drunkard
Drink 10 wine bottles
Chesty Chesty
Open your first chest
Chest Savvy Chest Savvy
Open 10 chests
Chest Meister Chest Meister
Open all chests
Explorer Explorer
Find 10 planets
Pioneer Pioneer
Find all planets
Lightcracker Lightcracker
Find all hidden orbs
Frolic Bliss Frolic Bliss
Defeat crystal boss
Batarra Batarra
Defeat forest boss
Locust Locust
Defeat desert boss
The Inner Evil The Inner Evil
Defeat lava boss
Pripyat Pripyat
Defeat toxic boss
Doomsday Doomsday
Defeat final boss
I'm listening I’m listening
Hear minion talk 10 times
Good fighter Good fighter
Hear minion talk 50 times and kill 10 creatures
Excellent friend Excellent friend
Hear minion talk 100 times and kill 25 creatures
Barrel Breaker Barrel Breaker
Destroy your first barrel
Barrel Destroyer Barrel Destroyer
Destroy 10 barrels
Barrel Rider Barrel Rider
Destroy 100 barrels
Miner Miner
Mine your first asteroid
Sweet mine of mine Sweet mine of mine
Mine 10 asteroids
Wrong game Wrong game
Mine 100 asteroids
Fuel frenzy Fuel frenzy
Refil your tank 10 times
Formula 100 Formula 100
Refil your tank 100 times
Drunken Sailor Drunken Sailor
Drink 50 wine bottles
Drunken Master Drunken Master
Drink 100 wine bottles
Loot loser Loot loser
Die 10 times
Desincarnated Desincarnated
Die 25 times
Boom Boom
Destroy your first explosive barrel
Firestarter Firestarter
Destroy 10 explosive barrels
Having a blast Having a blast
Destroy 100 explosive barrels
Love? Wine and Shotguns Love? Wine and Shotguns
Kill Babette? Again?
Symmetry Burning Symmetry Burning
Kill fire armor
Symmetry Freezing Symmetry Freezing
Kill ice armor
Lightweight Lightweight
Destroy your first orb
Halflight Halflight
Destroy 5 orbs
Deja vu Deja vu
Back to home?
I don't know whats going on I don’t know whats going on
Start to question your mental health
So long, game. So long, game.
Do everything
Golden boy Golden boy
Open your first golden chest
Turning gold Turning gold
Open 10 golden chests
Its all gold now Its all gold now
Open all golden chests
Edd Edd
Eric Eric
Matt Matt