Snuggle Truck Achievement List

10 Fuzzy Catcher 10 Fuzzy Catcher
Catch 10 fuzzies!
50 Fuzzy Catcher 50 Fuzzy Catcher
Catch 50 fuzzies!
200 Fuzzy Catcher 200 Fuzzy Catcher
Catch 200 fuzzies!
Truck Flip Truck Flip
Do a barrel roll!
Wheelie Master Wheelie Master
Do an extra long wheelie!
High Flier High Flier
Catch a high flying passenger.
Horrible Driver Horrible Driver
Commit unspeakable driving atrocities.
Fuzzy Run Fuzzy Run
Get 12 or more passengers safely to the zoo in one run.
50 Medals 50 Medals
Earn 50 medals.
100 Medals 100 Medals
Earn 100 medals.
All Medals All Medals
Level Creator Level Creator
Create a custom level.
Level Submitter Level Submitter
Submit a custom level to the server.