Sniper Tactical Achievement List

Ultimate Sharpshooter Ultimate Sharpshooter
Kill 100 enemies
Elite Sharpshooter Elite Sharpshooter
Kill 500 enemies
Expert Marksman Expert Marksman
Kill 100 enemies with headshots
Master Elite Marksman Master Elite Marksman
Kill 500 enemies with headshots
Training Complete Training Complete
Art of sniping mastered!
Sniper's Edge Sniper’s Edge
Roofs are now a safer place to hang out!
Sand Sniper Sand Sniper
Heavy sandstorms are the nice variant for bad guys.
Snipe from above Snipe from above
You are always covered.
Snipmare Snipmare
If you see the flash….
Bigsnipe Bigsnipe
Not only leaves are gonna fall in this forest.