Sneaky Sneaky Achievement List

First of Many First of Many
Collect your first ruby.
Sneaky Hood Sneaky Hood
Land a Long Shot with the bow.
I'm Rich! I’m Rich!
Have 5000 Gold in your wallet.
Sneaky Assassin Sneaky Assassin
Execute 5 consecutive Sneak Kills in a single level.
Potion Therapy Potion Therapy
Consume 10 health potions.
Breaky Breaky Breaky Breaky
Destroy or Harvest 100 tiles. (Trees, Rocks, Barrels etc.)
Abusive Waiter Abusive Waiter
Sneak Kill 3 enemies while they are eating bait in a single level.
Dusty Boots Dusty Boots
Stay on 30 sand tiles with an enemy present.
Sneaky in Training Sneaky in Training
Finish a level without being detected. (Excludes tutorial level)
Marco. Sneaky. Marco. Sneaky.
Lead an enemy to 3 consecutive search points by breaking jars.
When you least expect... When you least expect…
Sneak Kill an enemy who is searching for you.
Survivor Survivor
Survive an encounter after being detected 3 or more times.
Meat Confetti Meat Confetti
Kill 2 enemies at once with a bomb explosion.
Bush Lover Bush Lover
Successfully land 5 ‘Sneak Kills’ from a bush or hay in a single level.
Pacifist Pacifist
Finish a level without killing any enemies.
What comes up, must blow up. What comes up, must blow up.
Kill a Burrowing Skeleton with a bomb while its above ground.
Arrow for an arrow. Arrow for an arrow.
Kill an Archer with your bow and arrow.
Ham Rage Ham Rage
Anger a Ham Troll into destroying 3 or more objects.
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Sneak Attack a sleeping enemy.
Where does it go? Where does it go?
Feed a skeleton some bait.
Sadist Sadist
Kill an enemy with a spike trap and switch.
Country Road Country Road
Complete the main campaign.
Souped Up! Souped Up!
Fully level up your stats.
Shiny Shiny Shiny Shiny
Collect every ruby.
Curious Shopper Curious Shopper
Buy every shop item at least once.
Forest Zone Complete Forest Zone Complete
Awarded for completing the Forest zone.
Canyon Zone Complete Canyon Zone Complete
Awarded for completing the Canyon zone.
City Zone Complete City Zone Complete
Awarded for completing the City zone.
Piper of Jar Piper of Jar
Sneak Kill an enemy distracted by a jar.