SnakEscape Achievement List

Iceworld fun Iceworld fun
Use the glider more than 5 times in one level.
Easy peasy apple squeezy Easy peasy apple squeezy
Complete summer levels with 3 stars.
Snake-charmer Snake-charmer
Complete the level by blocking the snake.
Gentleman Gentleman
Allow the snake to eat 10 stars.
Cold snack Cold snack
Get slipped on the glider and be eaten by snake 5 times.
Deadly inattention Deadly inattention
Get slipped on the glider and fly off the level.
The long journey The long journey
Complete the level in 20 or more minutes.
Like a God Like a God
Complete the level with 3 stars on the first try.
Grandmaster Grandmaster
Complete first level in Spring Pack with 99 moves and 3 stars.
Hello, Gingerbald Hello, Gingerbald
Meet the Gingerbald.
Not for pirates Not for pirates
Find the hidden treasure and an exit.
Keep calm... Keep calm…
Complete “Bresenham’s circle” level with 3 stars after 10 deaths.
Mongoose reaction Mongoose reaction
Leave 10 spikes before they will be open.
Charlotte Charlotte
Get on the spikes 10 times.
Speedrun Speedrun
Complete the level with 3 stars in less than 15 seconds.
Double-trouble Double-trouble
Complete all levels with two snakes by 3 stars.
Brainiac Brainiac
Collect 3 stars on each level.