Snails Achievement List

Warm Up Warm Up
Sucessfuly complete the first level
Rookie Helper Rookie Helper
Safely escort 100 snails
Helper Helper
Safely escort 500 snails
Master Helper Master Helper
Safely escort 1500 snails
King's Court King’s Court
Save 5 Snails King
Long Live the King Long Live the King
Save 10 Snail Kings
Incenerator Incenerator
Burn 20 snails
Bomber Bomber
Kill 20 snails with dynamite
Empaler Empaler
Empale 20 snails
Zapper Zapper
Kill 20 snails with lasers
Master Empaler Master Empaler
Empale 1 snail while airborne
Crusher Crusher
Kill 20 snails with a single box
Hecatombe Hecatombe
Kill 70 snails with a single dynamite
License to Kill License to Kill
Kill snails in all possible ways
Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Force a snail to hibernate
Rocket Science Rocket Science
Boost 50 snails
Bronze Colector Bronze Colector
Get 50 bronze coins
Bronze Prospector Bronze Prospector
Get 200 bronze coins
Silver Colector Silver Colector
Get 50 silver coins
Silver Prospector Silver Prospector
Get 200 silver coins
Gold Colector Gold Colector
Get 50 gold coins
Gold Prospector Gold Prospector
Get 200 gold coins
Environmentalist Environmentalist
Clear all Wild Nature levels
Tomb Looter Tomb Looter
Unlock Ancient Egypt
Pharao Pharao
Clear all Ancient Egypt levels
Thriller Thriller
Unlock The Graveyard
Grave Digger Grave Digger
Clear all Graveyard levels
Gold Rush Gold Rush
Unlock The Goldmines
Mining Co. Mining Co.
Clear all Goldmines levels
Gold Medalist Gold Medalist
Win all Gold medals