Slow Down, Bull Achievement List

Stamp of Approval Stamp of Approval
Get 3 stamps on 10 levels
Postage Paid Postage Paid
Get 3 stamps on 20 levels
STAMP-ede!!! STAMP-ede!!!
Get 3 stamps on ALL levels
A Moment of Zen A Moment of Zen
Complete 10 levels without stressing out
Inner Peace Inner Peace
Complete 20 levels without stressing out
Enlightenment Reached Enlightenment Reached
Complete all levels without stressing out
Spic and Span Spic and Span
Find every decoration in 7 levels
Legendary Collector Legendary Collector
Find every decoration in 15 levels
Master Curator Master Curator
Find every decoration in all non-arena levels
Clean Up On Aisle 3 Clean Up On Aisle 3
Hold over 2000 bits at once and then drop them all
Protective Big Sister Protective Big Sister
Use Mango to take out 50 NPCs in a single level
Pastoral Perfection Pastoral Perfection
Complete the Grasslands
Beach Bum Beach Bum
Complete the Beach area
Cherry Tree Land Cherry Tree Land
Complete Cherry Tree Land
Masters in Archeology Masters in Archeology
Complete the ancient ruins area
Cloud 9 Cloud 9
Complete the Cloud area