Sleep Attack Achievement List

Hero Hero
Earn 12 stars.
Super Hero Super Hero
Earn 36 stars.
Legend Legend
Earn 72 stars.
6-Hours Sleep Cycle 6-Hours Sleep Cycle
Complete World 1 in 6 hours.
12-Hours Sleep Cycle 12-Hours Sleep Cycle
Complete World 3 in 9 hours.
24-Hours Sleep Cycle 24-Hours Sleep Cycle
Complete World 6 in 12 hours.
Compulsive Compulsive
Play once a week for 3 months.
Fast and Furious Fast and Furious
Beat one level in less than 5 minutes.
The Golden Half Step The Golden Half Step
Defeat 5000 Half Step.
The Silver Half Step The Silver Half Step
Defeat 3000 Half Step.
The Wooden Half Step The Wooden Half Step
Defeat 1500 Half Step.
The Golden Short Step The Golden Short Step
Defeat 4000 Short Step.
The Silver Short Step The Silver Short Step
Defeat 2500 Short Step.
The Wooden Short Step The Wooden Short Step
Defeat 1000 Short Step.
The Golden Big Foot The Golden Big Foot
Defeat 1000 Big Foot.
The Silver Big Foot The Silver Big Foot
Defeat 500 Big Foot.
The Wooden Big Foot The Wooden Big Foot
Defeat 250 Big Foot.
The Golden Heavy Foot The Golden Heavy Foot
Defeat 100 Heavy Foot.
The Silver Heavy Foot The Silver Heavy Foot
Defeat 75 Heavy Foot.
The Wooden Heavy Foot The Wooden Heavy Foot
Defeat 50 Heavy Foot.
The Pigdog Leader The Pigdog Leader
Defeat 1000 Pigdogs.
The Pigdog Charmer The Pigdog Charmer
Defeat 600 Pigdogs.
The Pigdog Whisperer The Pigdog Whisperer
Defeat 400 Pigdogs.
The Boardog Leader The Boardog Leader
Defeat 100 Boardogs.
The Boardog Charmer The Boardog Charmer
Defeat 80 Boardogs.
The Boardog Whisperer The Boardog Whisperer
Defeat 60 Boardogs.
The Yak God The Yak God
Defeat 1500 Yaks.
The Yak King The Yak King
Defeat 1000 Yaks.
The Yak Man The Yak Man
Defeat 500 Yaks.
The Big Yak God The Big Yak God
Defeat 300 Big Yaks.
The Big Yak King The Big Yak King
Defeat 200 Big Yaks.
The Big Yak Man The Big Yak Man
Defeat 150 Big Yaks.
The Tiny Wings Hunter The Tiny Wings Hunter
Defeat 500 Tiny Wings.
The Tiny Wings Catcher The Tiny Wings Catcher
Defeat 350 Tiny Wings.
The Tiny Wings Trapper The Tiny Wings Trapper
Defeat 250 Tiny Wings.
The Angry Birds Hunter The Angry Birds Hunter
Defeat 150 Angry Birds.
The Angry Birds Catcher The Angry Birds Catcher
Defeat 100 Angry Birds.
The Angry Birds Trapper The Angry Birds Trapper
Defeat 50 Angry Birds.
The Mosquito Killer The Mosquito Killer
Defeat 500 Mosquitos.
The Mosquito Zapper The Mosquito Zapper
Defeat 300 Mosquitos.
The Mosquito Swatter The Mosquito Swatter
Defeat 200 Mosquitos.
The Tiger Mosquito Killer The Tiger Mosquito Killer
Defeat 200 Tiger Mosquitos.
The Tiger Mosquito Zapper The Tiger Mosquito Zapper
Defeat 100 Tiger Mosquitos.
The Tiger Mosquito Swatter The Tiger Mosquito Swatter
Defeat 50 Tiger Mosquitos.
The Iron Armour The Iron Armour
Defeat 50 Iron Shells.
The Iron Skin The Iron Skin
Defeat 25 Iron Shells.
The Iron Shield The Iron Shield
Defeat 10 Iron Shells.
The Turbo Reactor The Turbo Reactor
Defeat 100 Shell Reactors.
The Hot Reactor The Hot Reactor
Defeat 50 Shell Reactors.
The Fast Reactor The Fast Reactor
Defeat 25 Shell Reactors.
Simply The Basic Simply The Basic
Beat 2 levels using only the Basic Tower. The first level doesn’t count.
Power Shooter only Power Shooter only
Beat 1 level using only the Power Shooter.
Tsunami Tsunami
Beat 1 level using only the Wave Generator.
No Slow No Slow
Beat 2 levels without using any Slow Towers.
Lasermazing Lasermazing
Beat 1 level using only the Laser Towers.
The Killer's Dream The Killer’s Dream
Kill 200 enemies in 3 minutes.
Deja Vu Deja Vu
Use 10 power-ups Rewind.
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker
Use 10 power-ups Freezing Power.
Deep Sleep Deep Sleep
Use 10 power-ups Good Night.
Power-Leveling Power-Leveling
Use 10 power-ups Level Up.
Hypnosis Hypnosis
Use 10 power-ups Centrifuge.
The Power of Dreams The Power of Dreams
Complete 1 level without building towers. Remember, you have power-ups!
The Jellyfisher The Jellyfisher
Catch 150 jellyfishes.
The Coin Collector The Coin Collector
Collect 2000 coins left by defeated enemies.
The Master of Combos The Master of Combos
Make 30 combos in 1 level.
The Super Combo The Super Combo
Defeat 20 enemies in 1 combo.
REM Sleep REM Sleep
Earn 30000 sleeping beans in 1 level.
30 in One Shot 30 in One Shot
Kill 30 enemies using one Toxic Fart power-up.
50 in One Shot 50 in One Shot
Kill 50 enemies using one Toxic Fart power-up.
Mr Skip Mr Skip
Complete 1 level skipping all the waves.