SLAMMED! Achievement List

Boston Crabby Boston Crabby
Ensure a flunky knows his role.
Parts Unknown Parts Unknown
Win an amateur match via forfeit.
Dirty Deeds Dirty Deeds
Win an amateur match via disqualification.
No Holds Barred No Holds Barred
Win an amateur match by exploiting an injury.
Best for Business Best for Business
Make a buck off a mark.
Texas Death Match Texas Death Match
Reminisce about the most dangerous match, ever.
Hell in a Chapel Hell in a Chapel
Reminisce about the most sacrilegious match, ever.
Sell Like It's 2005 Sell Like It’s 2005
Make ’em look strong. Ridiculously strong.
Ring General Ring General
Win by making sure you lose, with style.
Potato Shooter Potato Shooter
Take the old veteran down. Or try to.
The Cleaner The Cleaner
Use a mop on an opponent.
Legend Killer Legend Killer
End the career of a legend.
Botch Watch Botch Watch
Contradict yourself in an interview.
Samoan Drop Samoan Drop
Get one of your trainers to forgive you.
Super Junior Super Junior
Earn Super Horns’ respect early.
The Chosen One The Chosen One
Gain immunity in Near Fall Academy.
Shelton Holmes Shelton Holmes
Uncover the truth behind the Near Fall Academy eliminations.
Tough Love Tough Love
Force a contestant to quit, for their own good.
Falling Star Falling Star
Disgrace a contestant at Near Fall Academy.
Lie, Cheat, Steal Lie, Cheat, Steal
Win the final Academy challenge using your wits.
Show Stealer Show Stealer
Hog the mic.
Tron Assassin Tron Assassin
Use a video montage to mentally massacre.
Crooked Edge Crooked Edge
Fall off the wagon.
That Person Has a Family That Person Has a Family
Seek solace with your family.
Skull Basher Skull Basher
Good wrestlers don’t quit—they just wear masks.
Super Kick Party Super Kick Party
Gain the Super Kick, and keep it.
Hidden Attitude Hidden Attitude
During an unmasking, use that famous line…
Gravity Forgot Gravity Forgot
Master the high-flying style.
Ruler of Strong Style Ruler of Strong Style
Master a hard striking style.
Dead Lift Dead Lift
Master a style involving power moves.
1,005 Holds 1,005 Holds
Master a submission-focused style.
Loser Leaves Town Loser Leaves Town
Get a second chance, then fail a second time.
Break the Wall Down Break the Wall Down
Spear an opponent through a cage.
What a Maneuver What a Maneuver
Hit a high flying move from the top of a cage.
Heel Turn Heel Turn
Go from hero, to villain, in the eyes of the fans.
Generation Me Generation Me
Use social media to interact with fans.
Reality Era Reality Era
Air dirty laundry in public.
Kill a Wish Kill a Wish
Be very, very mean to a child.
2x2 Horsemen 2×2 Horsemen
Get into a two on two fight in the scaffolds match.
Handicap Match Handicap Match
Get into a two on one fight in the scaffolds match.
Code of Honor Code of Honor
Turn a two on one fight into a one on one duel.
Superior Junior Superior Junior
Get the best of Super Horns.
Eyes on the Prize Eyes on the Prize
Don’t make a deal with the devil.
Pride of the Valkyrie Pride of the Valkyrie
Get the worst misogynist in the federation to accept your challenge.
Bah Gawd Bah Gawd
Take a career-ending fall.
PlayerWinsLOL PlayerWinsLOL
Become the most popular wrestler in the federation.
Ex-cuuuuse Me Ex-cuuuuse Me
Become the most despised wrestler in the federation.
World's Strongest World’s Strongest
Become a true powerhouse.
Excellence of Execution Excellence of Execution
Become a true mat technician.
Pipe Bomber Pipe Bomber
Become a true master of promos.
Mandatory Rematch Mandatory Rematch
Get a second chance at love.
Poetic Justice Poetic Justice
Defeat your rival with the most appropriate finisher.
Fight like a Girl Fight like a Girl
Show the misogynist just how hard a woman can hit.
Not Michaels Not Michaels
Lose to your rival on the grandest stage.
Not Marty Not Marty
Beat your rival on the grandest stage.
Heartbroken Kid Heartbroken Kid
Have your heart broken on the grandest stage.
Our Time Is…Not Yet Our Time Is…Not Yet
Come for the King, and miss.
Ultimate Opportunist Ultimate Opportunist
Expose a chink in the champion’s armor, and exploit it.
Best in the World Best in the World
The best match, against the best opponent, on the grandest stage.
Blue Pants Blue Pants
A crowd and a story aren’t enough to beat misogyny.
Queen of Wrestling Queen of Wrestling
Become the first female GWA World Champion.
Match of the Year Match of the Year
Receive Match of the Year honors in the Masters of Wrestling Annual World Rankings.
Triple Threat Triple Threat
End the game with an unresolved love triangle.
The Animal The Animal
Unleash your rage on your rival.
The Beast The Beast
Cross the line, and destroy the best.
Lonely Warrior Lonely Warrior
End the game still looking for closure.
The Streak The Streak
End the game in the cusp of a long-term commitment.
Power Couple Power Couple
End the game as half of the most influential couple in wrestling.
Time Splitter Time Splitter
End the game by returning to how things used to be.
Kiss It Out Kiss It Out
Prove that hate and love are two sides of the same coin.