Skyshine’s Bedlam Achievement List

Paradise Found Paradise Found
Reached Aztec City
All in the Reflexes All in the Reflexes
100 or more kills
The Hard Way The Hard Way
Reach Aztec City on Bedlam difficulty
Battlefield Butcher Battlefield Butcher
Win a battle against 6+ enemies
Fold, Spindle or Mutilate Fold, Spindle or Mutilate
3 Battle win streak
The Oblivion Trail The Oblivion Trail
5 Battle win streak
Thundering Metal Thundering Metal
10 Battle win streak!
Talented Tanker Talented Tanker
Obtain 2500 Crude
The Blast Supper The Blast Supper
Obtain 2500 Meat
Fusion Fanatic Fusion Fanatic
Obtain 200 or more Power Cells
The Man in Black The Man in Black
Visit 40 or more POIs
Intrepid Explorer Intrepid Explorer
Visit 35 or more Side POIs
Wheels of Mayhem Wheels of Mayhem
Reach Aztec City with StruggleBus dozer
Scorched Earth Scorched Earth
Blast 6 enemies with The Nuker!
Magnetic Personality Magnetic Personality
Obtain over 1800 passengers
Trustworthy Transporter Trustworthy Transporter
Reach Aztec City with over 1500 passengers
Rookie Mechanic Rookie Mechanic
Score at least 500,000 points
Veteran Mechanic Veteran Mechanic
Score at least 1 million points
Elite Mechanic Elite Mechanic
Score at least 2 million points
Master Mechanic Master Mechanic
Score at least 4 million points
Legendary Mechanic Legendary Mechanic
Score at least 6 million points