Sky Nations Achievement List

Feline Acquisitions Feline Acquisitions
Trade with Merchant Cat for over 100000 coins. Where do his funds even come from?
Captured My Heart Captured My Heart
Take part in a community Capture the Flag event.
Anchor Anchor
Fall to your death in the clouds. They look like they’re made out of candy floss. They’re not and now you know that.
This is All I Know Now This is All I Know Now
You’ve killed 1000 players. You can’t even remember their faces any more. Killing is all you know now.
Nerd Nerd
Look up information in the in-game Knowledge Base.
Career Pilot Career Pilot
We’d give you a gold watch, well actually we wouldn’t. So here’s an achievement. Spent 100+ hours playing Sky Nations.
Friend? Friend?
“Accidentally” killed 10 friendlies.
Mine... what? Mine… what?
Craft your first item.
Traveller Traveller
Perform over 1000 system jumps in your travels.
Big Bertha Big Bertha
Pilot a ship with more than 5000 mass.
RIP in Pieces RIP in Pieces
You have a special set of skills. Unfortunately, it’s dying a lot. I hope you’re proud.
Good Foundations Good Foundations
Create or join a Nation. The empire begins here!
Rolling the Hard Six Rolling the Hard Six
Kill another player while having only 10HP or less left.