Sky Mercenaries Achievement List

Power Up Power Up
Reach Ship Level 2
Adaption Adaption
Change Firemode to incomming Bullet Color
The Beginning The Beginning
Finish the first Stage
Airborne Airborne
Kill 1000+ Enemies
Collector Collector
Collect 1000 Powerups
Explorer Explorer
Visit all Hangar Areas
Clear Sky Clear Sky
Complete all Earth C-1 Stages
Skimp Skimp
Collect 100 000+ overall Credits
This one is mine! This one is mine!
Play one of your Ships to ShipLevel 10+
One more! One more!
Upgrade your Ship 10+ times
No Problem! No Problem!
Finish a Stage at 150% Difficulty or harder
John Hawk John Hawk
Unlock first Defense Ace Player Skill
Lea Striker Lea Striker
Unlock first Air Sniper Player Skill
Bill Riddim Bill Riddim
Unlock first DroneMaster Player Skill
Veteran Veteran
Kill 10000+ Enemies
Pro League Pro League
Change Firemodes over 20+ times in one Stage
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Absorb 200+ Bullets in one Stage
Scientist Scientist
Test 10+ different Ship, Pilot, Drone and Upgrade Combinations
Defense Ace Defense Ace
Become a Defense Ace – Unlock all John Hawk Skills
Air Sniper Air Sniper
Become a Air Sniper – Unlock all Lea Striker Skills
Drone Master Drone Master
Become a Drone Master – Unlock all Bill Riddim Skills
Sky Marshall Sky Marshall
Complete all Stages on all Planets
Overpowered Overpowered
Install all Ship upgrades up to lvl 25
Creative Mind Creative Mind
Create a new 100+ objects stage
Try this Try this
Share a unique created stage
Content Hunter Content Hunter
Download and play a user created stage
Hardcore Hardcore
Finish a mission stage in Hardcore mode