Sky Battles Achievement List

Robot Defeated Robot Defeated
Destroyed the giant robot and collected 10 gems
Sea Monster Defeated Sea Monster Defeated
Destroyed sea monster and collected 10 gems
Bomber Defeated Bomber Defeated
Took down bomber and collected 15 gems
Cyclops Defeated Cyclops Defeated
Destroy the leaping cyclops and collected 15 gems
Corridor of Doom Corridor of Doom
Collected 15 gems in the corridor and lived to tell about it
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Conquered two fire breathing dragons and collected 15 gems
Troll Domination Troll Domination
Owned two trolls and collected 15 gems
Kraken Assassin Kraken Assassin
Conquered the Kraken and collected 10 gems
Airship Flameout Airship Flameout
Defeated an airship and collected 15 gems
Cave Illuminary Cave Illuminary
Collected 20 gems and survived cave obstacles