Simply Chess Achievement List

White Always Mates White Always Mates
Eternal, unvarying triumph?
AI-10 AI-10
Beat 10 Levels of AI
AI-25 AI-25
Beat 25 Levels of AI
I'm 100 I’m 100
Win 100 Games
Welcome to The Arena Welcome to The Arena
Win first Online Game
10 Down. 10 Down.
Finish 10 Online Games
Centurian Centurian
Finish 100 Online Games
Arpad Elo Arpad Elo
Get a non-provisional Elo Rating (play 15 rated online games).
Dark Horse Dark Horse
Are you ready for the perfect storm? Beat someone ranked 20 points above you (in a rated game when both of you exist on the leaderboard).
? ?
How about Global Thermonuclear War?