Simple Spy Achievement List

Single Spy Single Spy
Complete all 15 level in first sector
Double Spy Double Spy
Complete all 15 level in second sector
Triple Spy Triple Spy
Complete all 15 level in third sector
True Spy True Spy
Complete all 15 level in fourth sector
Penta Spy Penta Spy
Complete all 15 level in Fifth sector
K9 K9
Complete first sector bonus level
Redfox Redfox
Complete second sector bonus level
Jackal Jackal
Complete third sector bonus level
Wolf Wolf
Complete fourth sector bonus level
Grizzly Grizzly
Complete fifth sector bonus level
Amateur Amateur
Collect 10 keys
Rouge Spy Rouge Spy
Collect 20 keys
The Ghost The Ghost
Collect 30 keys
Hunter Hunter
Collect 40 keys
Eagle Spy Eagle Spy
Collect 50 keys
Soldier Spy Soldier Spy
Collect 60 keys
Tzu Spy Tzu Spy
Collect 75 keys
The Sneaker The Sneaker
Finish any three levels in 1 try
Suicide Spy Suicide Spy
Find and Reach the suicide point
Reach 500 tries
Elite Spy Elite Spy
Finish any five levels in 1 try
Impossible Spy Impossible Spy
Finish any ten levels in 1 try
Ninja Spy Ninja Spy
Finish any fifteen levels in 1 try
Super Spy Super Spy
Finish any twenty levels in 1 try
Simple Spy Simple Spy
Complete entire levels,collect all keys