Simple Ball: Extended Edition Achievement List

Welcome Welcome
Complete the first level
Sufferer Sufferer
Die 40 times
Traveler Traveler
Get bonus “Portal”
Attentive Attentive
View Movie Scene
Attraction Attraction
Get bonus ” Magnit ” 5 times
Exterminator Exterminator
Destroy 1000 units
Finish Finish
Complete The game
Lucky Lucky
Get 6 lives
Instantaneous Instantaneous
Use Teleport
Dexterous Dexterous
Catch 25 bonuses
Pain Pain
Reduce the platform 3 times
 Purposeful Purposeful
Complete 24 levels with 3 or 4 lives
In the middle of the path In the middle of the path
Complete 50 levels
More just a little bit More just a little bit
Complete 75 levels
High-speed High-speed
pass the any level is less than a minute
Hidden Achievement
Incredible!!! Incredible!!!
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Military Military
Get bonus “Weapon”
Hearty Hearty
Get 5 lives
Fighter Fighter
Destroy 3000 units
Bad carma Bad carma
Reduce the size of the platform and increase ball together
A quarter ways A quarter ways
Complete 25 levels
Talented Talented
Pass level 28 on the first try
Unhappy Unhappy
Die 100 times
Fast Fast
Catch 50 bonuses
bomber bomber
Get bonus “Explosion”
Ultrafast Ultrafast
pass the any level is less than 45 second
Touch Touch
Hit the ball 1000 times
Сloseness Сloseness
Touch Hit the ball 2000 times
Сontact Сontact
Touch Hit the ball 2000 times
Happy Happy
Get 7 lives
Bonus lover Bonus lover
Catch 75 bonuses
Bonus Master Bonus Master
Catch 100 bonuses
To be on edge To be on edge
Finish any level with one life
Unblessed Unblessed
Die 150 times
Overstay! Overstay!
Pass any level of more than 180 seconds
Stay Stay
Pass any level of more than 120 seconds
Curious :) Curious 🙂
Click on the ball in the menu
Leisurely Leisurely
View the scene of death until the end
First contact First contact
Touch Hit the ball 500 times
Sad Sad
Die 20 times
Not so simple Not so simple
Die 10 times
Brave Brave
Start a new game +
Uncomforted Uncomforted
Finish 4 bonus levels
Unsatisfied Unsatisfied
Finish 8 bonus levels
More more more ! More more more !
Finish all bonus levels